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immersive teacher training courses where you can live and breathe yoga small groups, personalised and highly interactive courses genuinely welcoming, passionate, supportive & experienced teachers We’ll help you find the confidence, skills and knowledge to teach

who we are

Our team consists of genuinely welcoming, passionate and supportive teachers from all around the world. We’re not highly stylised Instagram yogis. We believe yoga is not about physical performance or flashy poses, but what lies within: the yoga behind the asana. Yoga is so much more than a workout on the mat. It’s a way of life which has the power to transform every aspect of our daily lives.

What we do

Our yoga teacher training is offered in full-time and part-time formats, across a range of international destinations. All our courses are delivered in stunning natural locations, allowing you to totally switch off and immerse yourself in yoga. Your training will consist of a combination of yoga classes, interactive workshops, partner work and presentations. Our teaching style is hands-on and practical with physical adjustments, opportunities to teach and regular feedback from your peers and teachers. We encourage students of all ages, sizes and abilities to apply – in fact, over the years we have welcomed many people with atypical abilities, injuries and chronic illnesses who have gone on to become highly successful yoga teachers.


This is it, your first yoga teacher training. It is comprehensive, rigorous and accessible to anyone with a dedicated practice. We cover many different aspects of yoga including asana, meditation and pranayama, anatomy and philosophy, teaching methods, sequencing, inclusive and accessible yoga, different styles like hatha and ashtanga, but also a little taster of yin, restorative and partner yoga. Best of all, we want you to feel comfortable when you hit that teaching mat, so you get loooots of time and opportunity to practice exactly that, teaching!


We love yin yoga and believe that there is something to be found there for any level and type of practitioner. These courses delve deep into the anatomy of yin poses, both of the physical and the subtle body, i.e. the meridians and movement of qi. We introduce some wisdom of daoism and yoga philosophy. You get tons of yummy yin practices, some qigong, some yoga more yang in nature. With pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation added to the mix, you couldn’t wish for a more rounded week of practice and learning.


Our 300-hour training is planned to launch in 2023. A course designed for yoga teachers who, after completing an entry level teacher training and gathering some experience teaching, are looking to delve deeper in all things yoga. This course covers more detailed and applied anatomy, a deeper exploration of yoga philosophy based on different yogic texts, more asana, adjustments and assists, more teaching methods and sequencing, a closer look at a pranayama and breathwork.  Watch this space for upcoming dates and locations.

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what our students say

“I valued the diversity amongst the teachers and the different approaches and teachings styles. I loved that we were given opportunities to try what works for us and that there isn’t a right or wrong way. I loved the anatomy and alignment focus. I loved coming every week end to meet with a lovely bunch of humans and the mutual respect that we shared for one another. I loved the opportunity we all had to reflect on our practice and our intentions as students and yoga teachers. I loved how well organised and well communicated everything was. I truely thought the training was magnificent and left the final week feeling super grateful inspired and ready to teach.”


from Adelaide, 2021

“Where do I start? Your (Yaisa and Darja) commitment, your love for yoga and how you make the practice accesible for all, your communication, the venues, the quality of the lectures, your flexibility and down-to-earthness (just made up a new word), the community around the training, your training is very solid and I can't imagine not knowing you both, you ladies you want me to keep going? ;-)”



“It has changed my life, it really has. I feel so grateful.”



“Yaisa and Darja are both extremely passionate about what they do and this shines through in the energy they put towards this course. They go above and beyond, demonstrating that they genuinely care about producing thorough content and giving students the best experience. “

Chloe E.

from Adelaide, November 2019

“I would have guessed after a month of intensive yoga teacher training that I would be ready for the break; however 3 days out & I’m missing it already! This speaks volumes for how wonderful the experience of completing my 250 hour yoga teacher training with Yoga Here & There was. Yaisa & Darja are knowledgeable & passionate beyond words, but even more important than this they are authentic. They supported me to connect deeply to my practise & all things yoga (on & off the mat) which I trust will not only help my journey in becoming a yoga teacher, but also to enjoy a more joyful & abundant life. Thank you ladies!”

Amanda I.

from Western Australia, June 2019

“Such a great experience. I’m so glad I have chosen Yoga Here & There, must say I couldn’t have chosen better. Thanks to our amazing teachers, very professional, patient and cool yogis. Their vast knowledge is mind blowing and inspirational. “

Zuzana N.

from London, July 2018

“I loved every minute of the Teacher training with Yoga Here & There. The teachers are passionate, professional and supportive. The shala and the hotel are situated beautifully in the jungle and yet very close to the village.”

Rikke K.

from Denmark, July 2018

“I was immediately made to feel at ease by these wonderful down to earth teachers, who made the theory relatable and fun and asana practice exploratory and playful. The course is well rounded and provides an excellent grounding for your journey as a teacher. The teachers all instil you with confidence, are patient, clearly love their job and were always available and happy to answer any questions I had. I highly recommend completing your TTC with these lovely people.”

Amy P.

from Edinburgh, July 2018

“I recently complete my 200-hour TTC in Bali and all I can say is that it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. Darja and Yaisa put all their heart and knowledge in this training and made everyone feel welcome. They encourage you to find your own voice and uniqueness and at the same time give you a great and solid foundation to start teaching yoga. And believe me I was absolutely not sure if I wanted to teach before the training started, my intention was to do it just for myself. But they pushed my confidence and empowered me enough to be sure now that I want to share the magic of yoga with others. The teachers and students made it a wonderful experience and I will be forever grateful to these beautiful and inspiring souls. ”

Viktoria L.

from Germany, June 2018