About Us

darja & yaisa

DIRECTORS of yoga here & there. best friends and SOULMATES since birth both travelling the WORLD during childhood and as adults, working together as DIVING INSTRUCTORS in egypt & maldives and as yoga TEACHERS & TRAINERS in the Netherlands & Australia, YOGA HERE & THERE was created in 2018 as a way for them to share their joint PASSION and meet up in some of the world’s most BEAUTIFUL LOCATIONS. as friends and business partners they are PERFECTLY BALANCED darja with her GO WITH THE FLOW vibe and philosophical focus and yaisa with her organisational SKILLS and deep knowledge of ANATOMY


founder, managing partner & lead trainer

Darja is passionate about teaching. Be it Mysore style ashtanga, a yummy Yin or delving deep into the meaning of Patanjali’s Sutras. Wanting to add depth to her classes she became a yoga teacher-trainer, specialising in philosophy. Her curious mind always seeks to find different perspectives and through her own journey, she realised how important having a solid frame of reference is. With passion and enthusiasm she will take you on a trip through yogic history. Her classes invite you to connect the mundane with the spiritual, the mind with the body, breath with life. In her spare time, Darja is a freediving athlete holding multiple national records. 


founder, managing partner & lead trainer

A traveller in heart and soul, Yaisa is a multilingual citizen of the world with a wide range of skills and talents. Many years of experience in banking, management and tourism culminated in the creation of Yoga Here & There. Her personal practice is disciplined and varied; Ashtanga, Yin yoga & Qigong among others and she is an expert in how to live a healthy and happy existence. Yaisa is an incredibly inspiring human, who with her contagious enthusiasm, makes her vast knowledge of the body, its anatomy and application to asana come alive in her lectures. Find out more about Yaisa @ yogawithyaisa.com