50-hour restorative yoga module

April 2025
South Australia
This 50-hour restorative yoga module is filled with delicious restorative practices while simultaneously offering introductions in somatic movement, polyvagal theory, breath-based movement, coherence breathing techniques and all things wonderful, yogic and restorative. After we are done with you, you will be able to prepare and guide a beautiful restorative practice, understand the science and theory behind these practices and you will indeed be a more all-round and informed yoga teacher.


asana/pranayama/meditation morning practice

restorative/pranayama evening practice

anatomy & physiology of restorative yoga

somatic movement theory & practice

hearth coherence breathing benefits, theory and practice

guiding & facilitating restorative yoga classes

how long

6 days on part-time basis
(two long weekends)


Friday 25 /Saturday 26 / Sunday 27 April 2025
Friday 2 / Saturday 3 /Sunday 4 May 2025

how much

Early bird discount before October 2024
Including coffee, tea & snacks
Ask us about early bird and other discounts

how our 50-hour restorative yoga module works

Six days of lectures and interactive workshops in the mornings and early afternoons
Beautiful asana, pranayama & breath based practices besides daily meditation mornings & evenings

7:30 – 9:30 asana/pranayama/meditation morning practice
10:00 – 12:30 anatomy, physiology & techniques
13:30 – 16:30 restorative yoga workshop/teaching methodology/practicum
17:00 – 18:30 evening asana/pranayama/meditation

who can join our 50-hour restorative yoga module

Anyone with a dedicated yoga practice, with an interest in trauma informed, somatic, breath based and restorative movement. This 50-hour restorative module is part of the modular 300-hour advanced YTTC. More information on that course HERE.


Request the complete information brochure through our contact form and we will contact you straight away



This course counts towards a Yoga Alliance RYT 300 certification when done in combination with the other modules. Alternatively this course can be eventually be registered as Yoga Alliance YACEP continuing education.