Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a broad interest and would like to learn about various styles, we recommend a multistyle training program, like ours. Or if you are an aspiring teacher and haven’t decided what yoga style you would like to specialise in or teach. We are aware that 250 hours is no where near enough to get into all the intricasies of a particular style or lineage, so we prefer to introduce you to as varied a curriculum as possible.

No worries, we understand it is scary to book anything right now. We offer full refunds for your deposits or payments in case of lockdowns, border closures or flight cancellations due to covid-19.

YES! The reason we offer 250-hour courses is so that you get many hours of practical experience teaching on top of developing your own practice and knowledge about yoga and teaching yoga. We encourage and support you to find your own voice and be as comfortable and authentic a teacher as you can. After completion of the course you can apply for official accreditation from either yoga alliace usa or international.

After teaching many 200 and 250 hour courses we found that it is important for our students to have the opportunity to bring all their freshly acquired knowledge and tools into practice. In these extra few days we can make sure you go out in the world with adequate knowledge, practice and experience to start teaching yoga.

YES! Our philosophy is that yoga is for every body and that includes yours! The only thing we ask of you is that you have a regular and dedicated practice in any type of yoga when you sign up. Yoga is not about what you look like or how deep you can get into a pose, but how you feel.

Our courses are all entry-level courses (for now) meaning we assume you know very little or nothing about the subjects we teach. We strive to give you a solid base to start your further studies from, we also adapt to each separate group, one of the many plusses of keeping our classes small.

If you are planning an intensive training overseas we would first recommend that you allow yourself to fully disconnect from your everyday reality and allow new connections, deep experiences and realisations to happen. But in some of our locations partners and family can share your accomodation and enjoy their time there. Please ask about possibilities when you book your course.

In order to qualify for certification, 100% attendance is required. But we all have a days when we just don’t feel good or life gets in the way. There are several ways you can make up for the hours you have missed and this will depend on what you have missed and how much of it. We offer make-up sessions with teachers at an hourly or daily rate.

We promise that of the 250 hours of our training, approximately 230 hours are face-to-face with one or more of our trainers. And we don’t even include breaks in these calculations. We are genuinly passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience with you and wouldn’t want to miss out on this!

You can register with Yoga Alliance (worldwide) as a 200 hour RYT (registered yoga teacher) or with Yoga Alliance International Registry (Australia) as a 250 hour RYT.