most googled on yoga teacher training courses

These are the THREE most frequently googled questions about yoga teacher training courses & our answers: 





Choosing a yoga teacher training course can be daunting and involve more research than you were initially prepared to do. There are a few questions you can ask yourself to gain a little more clarity on the subject:

WHY do I want to complete a yoga teacher training course? 

AM I interested in teaching

WHAT type of yoga do I practice/am interested in teaching?

HOW much time and money do I want to spend on a yoga teacher training course?

WHAT is the most important thing I want to get out of a yoga teacher training? 

If you have difficulty in finding answers to these questions, we are happy to help you. You can schedule a call with us, where we help you orientate yourself and find more direction. 

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The best yoga teacher training is the one best suited to YOUR wishes, time and wallet. We firmly believe in no-one-yoga-fits-all and the same goes for yoga teacher training courses. 

A few things to look for: 

DO you like the yoga styles offered? 

DO you vibe with the lead-trainers on the course?

(a good way to find out is to have a little get-to-know-each-other chat

ARE the lead-trainers qualified and experienced? 

IS the course an ACCREDITED yoga alliance course?

DOES the course include the amount of hours required




What a yoga teacher training is like is mostly up to you, your intentions, your goals and the choices you make. There are so many yoga teacher traininigs our there it would be hard to sum up the different aspects of such a course. But a few thimgs are worth mentioning: 

A YOGA teacher training is INTENSE; you will spend more time practicing, studying and sitting in on lectures than you have done since you were in school. 

A YTT is IMMERSIVE; Spending up to 29 days immersed in all things yoga can be inspiring, motivating and help you really integrate both the physical, mental and spiritual aspect of your practice. 

A YOGA TTC is a beautiful GATHERING OF LIKE-MINDED SOULS. You will meet interesting people, you will share a common passion and you might just make friends for life. 

A YOGA teacher training is a wonderful way to disconnect and spend some well deserved time taking care of YOU. Being challenged, both physically and mentally, being surrounded by like-minded people and eating beautiful healthy food is A TREAT FOR BODY AND SOUL! 

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